Creative Solutions

We often forget people and situations that need our attention. It is because our lives are complete and we lack for little. This is not the case with the homeless and people who experience an extreme level of poverty. Thus it is a welcome sight to see a homeless help drive. It shows that there are people who care. If enough do similar actions we will help resolve the problem but it will take considerable time. I praise those who organize fundraising events to donate money to those in need. I also laud those who give of their time and money to help on their own. We need such drives to spread like wild fire around the country. In the long run, a lot of little things can add up to a lot. We need a national program to make it work. Communities can join hands in the name of stopping homelessness which exists in every corner of the United States and no doubt abroad. It will take a ring leader who is in political office. The best resolution would have it come from the President who takes it on as a cause.

Local help drives are frequent in my area and I support them all. I look to see what is happening and what is donated. During the last fundraiser/drive someone donated a group of pool floats for adults. I believe it was a pool supply company and they had extras on hand. These are the inflated items that are used to relax on the water and they can be the size of an average adult. The organizer of the drive asked me what on earth he could do with these objects. I suppose we could sell them and use the money for something useful he said. What do you think? Since I was asked, I offered my opinion. I thought about it for a while and came up with the idea of using these comfortable inflatables as temporary beds in shelters. He said, oh that’s a creative solution. They would have more value than the little money we would make selling them.

He knew that shelters are always short of beds and the number of people who stay in them varies greatly. These floats could be pulled out at the last minute and inflated for quick use. No one would be turned away or have to sleep on a park bench or the sidewalk. Maybe every time we have a help drive we could make a wish list of items to donate that could be of some use in imaginable ways. I am thinking of thermoses, utensils, towels, sheets and bed covers, soap and toothpaste, and more. Whatever a human being needs to live would be appropriate. If people don’t willingly donate, we can ask the manufacturing companies. They are always game, but we forget to ask. Food products are typical items we seek as well. Canned good drives are conducted by schools and churches so let’s keep them going.